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Alaska In Winter’s ‘December compositions’

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Beautiful and inspiring, December Compositions can be categorized as being theatrical orchestral music.

This album has the power to become an instant romantic obsession for the listener who loves the dramatic movie soundtrack. This is a construction of life and experience brought together in music and raw emotion. As is life; behind everything beautiful there has been some kind of pain. “C’est la vie”.

Brandon Bethancourt’s Alaska in Winter includes an amazing assortment of instruments and people performing and playing piano, synthesizers, vocals, percussion, accordion, melodica, harp, organ, cello, violin, singing saw, lowrider bass. Guests & past studio musicians: Zach Condon: (of Beirut): trumpet, ukelele, vox Rosina Roibal: Viola Hilary Bethancourt: vocals, melodic Hari Ziznweski: (of Rap): clarinet, vocals Naila Dixon: vocals  Heather Trost: Violin Stefanie Lamm: vocals Kyra Lamariana: Robots: robot sounds The New Mexico Philharmonic Virtual Orchestra, and every other instrument you could possibly imagine with the exception of the guitar.

Winter In Alaska’s December Composition #5

Plenty of great musicians and composers come to mind while listening to this album such as “At the closing of the year” composed by Hans Zimmer and Trevor Horn, Enya’s “Ebudae” and Rufus Wainwright singing the song “Hallelujah”, John Lennon’s “Across The Universe”, John Barry’s composition for “Dances with Wolves”, which is seriously one of the greatest sound tracks of all time, and Brandon Bethancourt has made this writers list!

Brandon Bethancourt’s music is prolific; so well constructed and produced that it is an experience in which we aren’t just listening to the music we are profoundly thrown into the highs and lows of every note. Imagine if you can a soundtrack played for every amazing moment in your life whether joyous or filled with grief and you have a portrait of the most beautiful thing before you.

The songs are self titled “December Composition” numbered “1-7”. Each song flowing into the next with highs and lows; a time to love and a time to cry, building one on top of another until the final climax hits and leaves you changed forever. The only way to describe this is to ask you if you have ever heard a song that was so powerful it grabbed you by the soul and changed your life somehow.  “December Composition 1-7” is an entire album of instrumental sounds which have the power to inspire and encourage you into doing great things!

Written by Kayt Westerlund

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