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Alabama Shakes’ “How Many More Times” (Led Zeppelin Cover)

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Let the world know that there are just a handful of things rock and roll bands in today’s music scene don’t owe to Led Zeppelin. They were some of the first music juggernauts that took over the world in an all access and all excess way, delivering albums and stories worth telling and listening even so many decades after they came into this world.

Thankfully, some modern bands remember legendary artists and tributes come to be. This time, it was United States’ Alabama Shakes turn to make their own version of the track that ends the album that started it all: How Many More Times, from 1969’s Led Zeppelin I. With Brittany Howard’s powerful vocal delivery, this cover is up there with the best tributes ever done to Bonhan, Jones, Page and Plant. At almost 8 and a half minutes long and divided in three parts, How Many More Times is the first of the many mini opera-ish tracks the band would become famous famous on the upcoming years and albums in their career.

It is Money before Pink Floyd’s, Bohemian Rhapsody before Queen‘s and stadium rock n roll before the 70’s: it’s the gods’ head banging anthem

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Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer


Alabama Shakes’ “How Many More Time” (Led Zeppelin Cover)