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Alabama Shakes / Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, Live at Red Rock


Regrets. We all have them; I have two, not going to my high school graduation, second giving away my Edward Sharpe ticket three years ago. To this day, I am told about the pretty magic of that show. Never, never, never turn down a show that a bunch of your friends have tickets too because you’re tired. You might as well be dead. It’s hard to not have a soft spot for this cult-like band, “Home” is everything that life should be, “That’s What’s Up” make you dance your feet through the pavement, “40 Days Dream” make you want to ripe your shirt off, and “Om Nashi Me” make you feel wild and free. These songs breath life into you, you feel from you head to your toes.

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros liveGetting to be a part of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros playing their first show ever in Red Rocks made up for it. Red Rock is considered holy, a goal for a lot of musicians to reach. It was all over the groups face when they hit the stage, Jade looked like a kid in a candy store the entire set, “This is amazing because will never happen again.” She said to the crowd, “At least in the same way. But that’s life.” Opening with “40 Day Dream” Alexander took to the crowd to show appreciation to the crowd. If you’ve never experienced “40 Days Dream” live, it’s a song built to open a show, make sense considering it was the opener to their first album. The song bleeds into “That’s What’s Up!” if that song can’t get you out of your seat, you have no blood flowing through your veins. Alexander Ebert performed/raps “Truth” off his solo album.

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros is an experience to be shared with, you are forever connected to the friends you share this moment with. edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros liveTake the time to let that sink in if you are at their show, look around, if you come across one face not smiling they probably can’t smile.

The Alabama Shakes opened the show, left the crowd hot. It took me sometime to warm up to the Shakes. I get it though, I respect the fact that clearly it’s about the music, and it’s not about a movement or being about of the machine. This group has a clear love of craft great blues inspirited song, and it doesn’t hurt that Brittany Howard has a fire in her belly that stops you dead in your tracks.

The only question I was left at the end of the show; where were the Alabama Shakes when Sharpe and the Zeros invited them on stage for a rendition of Bill Withers “Lean on Me”? Bottom line – if you are taken out on a date to see Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, marry them, and if they take you to Red Rocks have babies with them, because they possess something that a lot of people are missing.

Written by Danni Bauer
OurVinyl | Contributor

Photos: Connor Gould