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Akron’s Freshest Contribution: Presenting Rachel’s Secret Stache

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Since the 1970’s the city of Akron, Ohio has been producing eccentric musicians. From Devo to Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders to the Black Keys, Akron has been a hotbed of talent of a different kind. Well, time to meet the news kids on Market Street. Rachel Roberts and her band, collectively known as Rachel’s Secret Stache, know the history that precedes them. In fact, not only are they aware of their city’s storied history, they’ve lived it. They have opened for Devo, Hynde, and the Black Keys.

With a sound as unique and witty as their name, Roberts and her Secret Stache have been hitting the Akron circuit as well as the national circuit. In 2009 they released their album Brown Bag. The album showcases their versatility musically and lyrically. While all songs are captivating, one song leaped out of my speakers and really caught my ear. “Bloody Knees,” is a shining achievement on a fantastic record.

Roberts’ smooth voice lures listeners in along with simple but tactful use of percussion and strings. As the song progresses, a hint of counter culture can be found. More specifically, the Lovin Spoonfuls’ “What a Day for a Daydream.” came to mind. It has a hint of hippie to it, which conjures up memories when the lyrical content was just as important as the music coming from the instruments. “Bloody Knees” lyrics following in the tradition of John Lennon’s thoughts at the end of “The End” in which he says, “the love you take, is equal to the love you make,” Roberts sings of her want of love. She says at one point, “love has got the answers, the more you give away.” This is one of the more brilliant lines of the song representing the thought that the more you give into love, the easier it is.

So sit back and enjoy a great young up and coming band from Akron, OH. Check out Rachel Roberts and Rachel’s Secret Stache on iTunes today. They have just released a new live album titled Alive in the Dungeon, so go check em out!

Written by:

Mitch Inkrott