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Against Me!’s LP ‘White Crosses/Black Crosses’

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Originally released in 2010 the full-length album White Crosses from Against Me! turned heads and called out to long-time fans as well as won over some new fans. Dirtier than the previous release New Wave the band went back to their punk roots (sort of) and delivered an outstanding album ready for the radio and certainly more polished than previous works.

Recently the band announced that White Crosses will be reissued on the band’s label Total Treble Music. Not content to just re-release and give their listeners the same-old thing, the album is a 28-track collection including the original ten songs, plus four bonus tracks; additionally 14 alternate versions and unreleased tracks (including nine with Warren Oakes before he left the band in 2009)

White Crosses is unarguably a punk album, just how punk depends on your point of view. Tom Gabel manages to be angry at the world, pissed off and venomously spiteful but delivers in a package catchy enough to be radio friendly, made with killer hooks and harmony in spades.

The initial White Crosses may have alienated the punk-police who think this album is too pop to be punk, this won’t necessarily win them back but it is truly an eye into an exciting band with much more to come in the future. Tom Gabel is clearly evolving as a writer, and with significant road-cred he’s telling us all what swirls around in that brain of his, storytelling is his strength.

The title track White Crosses is delivered in both the “electric” and “acoustic” version, gives a unique perspective to the song. “I Was a Teenage Anarchist” and “Because Of the Shame” also do double duty, in this contrast the writing rears its head and it’s impressive.  The acoustic versions deliver intensely and seriously should not be missed.

This reissue is welcome, releasing August 9, 2011 is available as a double cd, MP3, or triple LP with a 32 page art and lyric booklet Against Me! is certainly making a splash, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Written by Meredith Underhill

Against Me! – ‘White Crosses / Black Crosses’ by Total Treble Music