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Aesop Rock: Coffee (Feat. John Darnielle)

Song Of The Day

Song: “Coffee” (Feat. John Darnielle)

Artist: Aesop Rock

Album: None Shall Pass

Happy Humpday music fans. Today’s song is your mid-week coffee to help you get through the rest of the week. The song “Coffee” from Aesop Rock’s 2007 album None Shall Pass is another fantastic tongue-twister of social commentary where he says we want out “hermitry to stay and our coffee to go.” The beat, provided by Blockhead, is ominous and eerie but still makes your head bounce to the bass line that weaves in and out of Aesop’s impressive wordplay. This song sports some great lines, including “just cuz I don’t want to war with you don’t mean go warm up the barbeque,” and talking about Blockhead’s beat saying that he has “animal drums like he’s Doctor Teeth.” Let’s be honest: any Muppets reference is an instant win.

For those not familiar with Aesop Rock, he’s been on the scene and in the hip hop consciousness since the early 2000s with his breakthrough album Labor Days–a stone cold classic that should be in every hip hop lover’s library. Since then he’s put out fantastic album after album of mind-bending, pop-culture drenched lyrics that people are still parsing for meaning. The icing on this auditory cake is the guest spot from Mountain Goats mastermind Joh Darnielle, who adds a frantic and desperate verse that sounds like it comes from a character in Night of the Living Dead. It’s haunting and borderline hallucinatory. Don’t believe me? Check out the blood-curling video to the song below where it all comes together in what is probably the best horror movie-inspired music video this side of “Thriller.”

Written by:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer