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SUN0522 Adele

Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Adele
Song: Set Fire to the Rain (Plastic Plates Remix)
Album: unknown

With her sophomore album 21, the UK’s Adele is taking the world by storm with her sultry and powerful pipes hitting the most sensual of undertones.  The once winner of the Best New Artist category at the 51st grammy awards, Adele has since been not only climbed up the charts and into people’s hearts, but also has been a perfect subject for a myriad of remixes across the muscial spectrum due to her strong vocals and popular appeal.  In today’s song of the day, we head to the west coast where LA’s Plastic Plates has made a remix off the track ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ from her most recent LP.  Plastic Plates takes a somber song and turns it completely upside down with hard hitting kicks and snares and an all-too-catchy bass groove and subtle house loops that translate into a stellar remix that is quickly gaining some recognition. Take a listen to this new spin on a current hit before it fades away into the muddled overabundance of Adele remixes.

By Danny Goodman