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Adele vs. The Temptations’ “(Rumor Has It) I’m Losing You”

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Artist: The Temptations vs. Adele (Mashup)
Song: ”(Rumor Has It) I’m Losing You”
Album: N/A (Mashup on Soundcloud)

Okay, so mash-ups are pretty played out by this point. These days people will try to force any old track on top of another. But every now and then one is created that is both an excellent blend musically and meshes well thematically. This combination of break up songs from The Temptations and Adele is exactly that rare breed of mash-up.

If you’re familiar with either song, you’ll notice how well they go together and if you’re not familiar with either you probably wouldn’t even notice it’s a combination of different songs unless someone told you. And that’s the whole point of a great mash-up.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer