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Started in May 2009, OurVinyl.com set out to embrace the emerging technology of this era and the way our generation has grown to listen, appreciate and respect a larger variety of music and the art surrounding it. The name itself “OurVinyl” was born from the idea that “Our” generation has a new way to listen, find and experience music. Together we are artists, students, producers and fans connected by our mutual passion for music.  We have been influenced by the changes in the music industry and the birth of creative companies such as Pandora, Daytrotter and La blogotheque.  We want to make a difference in the industry and contribute something unique. We have tons of ideas for the future so join us for the ride.

On our site currently you will find exclusive video interviews, performances and articles covering a variety of categories. We let our writers cover topics that they find interesting. We do not force our writers to write any articles and are not specific to one genre. We hope you find something new along the way. In the next year our site hopes to continue to document some of the influential artists of our generation.  We hope to share with you their stories and wish to help our readers connect with musicians in a more intimate way.  We hope to deliver quality and consistency.  Just as vinyl is relevant today, OurVinyl hopes to be relevant to our generation years from now.

Below are the categories you’ll find on the Our Vinyl site.

News, contests and articles specific to festivals from all over the world.

Back Of The Rack
A free download and a monthly article spotlighting a variety of musicians and an artist’s artwork

Exclusive artist interviews and performances.

Our Vinyl
Updates with the site along with other interesting articles.

Album Reviews
Reviews of the latest albums.

Reviews and photos from concerts.

The site is just a start for us but, we hope you will join us for the trip.  Feel free to e-mail any of us if you wish to get involved in any way, shape, or form.  Our team of staff is a mix of all ages and a variety of skills.