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A Sunday Smile

Song Of The Day

Song: A Sunday Smile
Band: Beirut
Album: Flying Cup Club (2007)

You can listen to a song a million times and never notice the lyrics, but then there are those rare moments when the stars align and that same song comes to life.  I’ve always liked today’s Song of the Day, but never really paid attention to the lyrics until recently.  After a particularly tough conversation with a woman I was seeing, I decided to take a drive and cool off.   And that’s when the universe decided to help me put things into perspective.

With the music on shuffle, “A Sunday Smile” started playing and opened with lyrics that seemed to be especially written for that moment:  “All I want is the best for our lives my dear / and you know my wishes are sincere”.  I immediately quit replaying the phone call in my head and got lost in the rest of the song.  I must have listened to the song ten times during that drive and each time I felt a stronger connection to the lyrics.

In some ways, lyrics are like Rorschach tests; you take from them only what you bring in and how you interpret them can give away how you’re feeling at that moment.  Give the song a listen and see what it says to you.