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A Year in Review with Family Force 5


Hey everyone! OurVinyl had a chance to do an interview with Atlanta, Georgia natives Family Force 5 and talk to them about their 2010 experiences including some overseas shows and their own Christmas Pageant tour. Read on to hear about their “Year in Review”!

Becca – B

Crouton – Cr

Nadaddy – N

Chap Stique – Ch

B: Hi, I’m here with Family Force 5! For the readers, could you please tell us your names and what you do in the band?

Cr: Hi, I’m Crouton, I play drums and I sing a little bit…and I just like to, you know, drink a lot of coffee and eat chocolate.

N: This is Nadaddy, I play the keys in the band and I play the big giant drum machine every now and then. You know, I also do a little “sing sing” here and there. Not as much “sing sing” as you do (to Crouton).

Cr: Yeah but it’s a lot more than “sing singing”.

B: Great! Now we are going to basically going to do a year in review. How was it playing shows for the Parachute Music Festival in January? Are there any differences between the crowds here and the crowds in Australia?

Cr: Well, it was our…second time in New Zealand?

N: Yes.

Cr: It’s incredible! The first time we went over there it was just incredible that we were all the way across the world and people knew our music and were singing every lyric. And the crowds were crazy!

N: Yeah, the crowds were ready to jump from like beat number one. They have a little bit more endurance than American crowds I have to say…they jump literally the entire time.

Cr: They have like weird sayings! It was so hot and we were wearing, you know, our flip flops and stuff. And their word for flip flops is like…jandles. And they’re like “Aye, you got some jandles?” even though what I just sounded like wasn’t a New Zealand accent.

(Chap Stique walks in the room)

Ch: Did somebody order a pizza?!

N: Yeah! We’re actually over here talking about jandles and Parachute Music Festival…and pizza too. Come join!

B: Alright, just as an introduction to the readers, tell them your name and what your role is in the band.

Ch: Well, my name is Chap Stique and I play guitar and I eat a lot of Tim Tams.

B: Alright, thank you! So a little bit after your trip to the Parachute Music Festival it was announced that you guys had a song on the Alice In Wonderland soundtrack entitled Topsy Turvy. What made you guys decide to go for a more melodic sound on this track in contrast to the usual crunk pop listeners are used to?

Cr: I think it was just because it was Alice In Wonderland. It’s pretty moody so we decided to do that.

Ch: Match the mood of the film.

Cr: We tried to make a really pretty song!

N: We were trying to convey that sort of emotion musically and lyrically so that’s why it came out how it did. What it sounds like to me is more of a…first person expression of Alice herself.

Ch: Yeah, Alice In Wonderland is not so much a party as it is a crazy experience. Your world gets turned upside down.

B: Kind of trippy?

Ch: Yeah! The song kind of fits that, you know? Trippy.

B: Well, during that time you guys also went on tour in the UK with Cobra Starship. How was that?

Cr: It was awesome.

N: Just incredible.

Ch: It was cool cause they all went “Cobra! Cobra!”

B: Did they all put their fangs up?!

N: Yes, of course! It was cool. They were really awesome dudes and one of their tech/crew guys is on this tour actually. It took us a while to put two and two together.

Ch: We were like “Where do we know you from?” but they are awesome.

N: We were pleasantly surprised by how well the kids in the UK knew our lyrics.

B: That’s always nice especially when it’s groups of kids that are all the way across the waters.

N: It’s a surreal thing for sure.

Cr: On the plus side, we had an off day where we got to see Imogen Heap for free.

B: That’s awesome! In March, you guys were also asked to come back to the UK to play on a leg of the Sonisphere tour. What was it like playing your first UK festival shows?

Cr: It was totally metal.

Ch: I thought it was awesome.

N: Sonisphere was amazing. It was probably the best possibly festival put together for Chap Stique over here. He’s a die-hard metal fan and he and I had some awesome times watching bands like Rammstein. Probably one of the most amazing, ridiculous live shows I’ve ever seen in my life, so that plus like…100,000 people–

Ch: You know what was crazy? Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you I just got excited, but it was a three day festival and when we saw on the bill that the third day of the festival, Iron Maiden played and they’re like…one of my favorite bands of all time. We were not on that date. We had another festival that we were playing with M.I.A., this thing called Underage, and I was doing everything in my power to figure out a way to see Iron Maiden. I tried taxis and trains and buses and EVERYTHING. But nothing was going to get me there on time! But I found these dudes who were in a band who were like “We’ll take you over there cause we’re going too!” and I was like “Oh my gosh!” So I spent the night with these random British dudes on the ground and it was amazing and we watched Iron Maiden! And one of them was like “I’m a little nervous,” So I go “Why are you nervous?” And he’s like “I’m moving to the States and I don’t have any friends there,” And I was like “What?! Where are you moving?” And he goes “This place called Columbus, Ohio!” And I was just like “What?!” And I told him we were going to be there around Christmas. So he’s coming tonight, my friend, and I’m going to hang out with him!

N: How come I didn’t even know about this?

B: Well that made for one interesting story! For your guys’ next tour, you were on the lineup for the Rock and Worship Roadshow. What do you guys think makes that tour different than regular tours?

Cr: It was a lot bigger.

N: Yeah, it was an arena tour so that right there differentiates the two right off the bat.

Cr: Everything was kind of like…done for you. Like your catering was there…everything was there. Everybody could get up in the morning and I remember there being so many bands on that tour that liked to work out so everybody had a work out partner. So usual it’s pretty hard to find somewhere to run, but since it was in arenas you could just run around the arena before anybody got there!

Ch: It was definitely the most muscles I’ve ever seen on a tour.

N: Most bro tour we were ever on.

Ch: Most dude sweat I have ever experienced.

B: I’ve only been to that tour once and that was like…two years ago. And it was free-

N: And really bro and really sweaty?

B: I mean, I didn’t see that side of it-

Ch: So bro.

Ch: On the other hand, it was also a different demographic for us. It was cool playing in front of a huge variety of people. The bands all sound totally different from each other but somehow they all fit. It was an honor for us.

N: We had a great time and there were a lot of really good dudes on that tour. We made a lot of friends on that tour.

Ch: Ultimate camaraderie.

B: Sounds like an experience. In November, you guys had a cover song featured on Fearless Record’s Punk Goes Pop 3. Why did you guys choose to cover “Bulletproof” by La Roux?

Cr: Well they sent over an original list, and that wasn’t actually on the list.

Ch: Yes it was?

Cr: Oh…it was? Well, all of us really love that song and nobody was picking it so…

Ch: Well, we originally chose Love Lockdown by Kanye [West], which would have been awesome, but I guess someone else already did a Kanye song. They gave us the “X”. So we were like “Fine! We’re bulletproof! Maybe next time we’ll be bulletproof!”

N: That’s what we said in unison.

Ch: So then we were like “We should do that!” We played it for the first time last night live and it was really fun!

B: Hope we all get to hear it tonight! Well, now that it’s December, you guys just started your Christmas Pageant tour with Forever The Sickest Kids, Secondhand Serenade and Shorelines End. So what are your guys’ expectations for this tour?

N: Lots and lots of dance parties. Last night was probably the best first night of tour that we’ve had. It went really, really well! It was super professional and everybody sounded great. Everybody was incredibly friendly and the crowd was great so hopefully we can just keep repeating that for another fourteen dates.

B: Awesome expectations! Well, that is all I have for you guys and your “Year in Review” so I just wanted to say thank you! Happy New Years everybody!