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A Rocket To The Moon – On Your Side

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A Rocket To The MoonIf there is any music group who has made a complete transformation from the recording of their first EP to the release of their first studio album it is A Rocket To The Moon. The group, consisting of members Nick Santino, Justin Richards, Andrew Cook and Eric Halvorsen, completed their musical metamorphosis with the recording of their new record titled On Your Side, which was released October 13, 2009 with Fueled By Ramen.

In their earlier EPs such as Your Best Idea and Summer 2007, Santino relied on the element of auto-tune to make the music more a part of the Techno/Electronica genre. By the time he recorded the third EP titled Greetings From… in October of 2008 the sound had gone full circle. Joined by the other members, Santino was backed by a full band and used his natural vocals on the tracks.

Since then A Rocket To The Moon has had the chance to tour with notable bands such as The Maine, Cute Is What We Aim For, Automatic Love Letter and The Morning Light while gaining a huge following. Their fans have been highly anticipating the release of On Your Side and for good reason.

The first singles released off the album were ‘Annabelle’ and ‘Mr. Right’. Filled with infectious rhythm and story-like lyrics, the songs were a perfect indicator of what fans should expect to hear from the rest of the tracks. The other tracks on the album are very fluid and easy to get swept up in. Each having their own very unique hook, I cannot help but have them playing in my mind all day.

Other tracks like ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ and ‘Like We Used To’ show A Rocket To The Moon’s versatility in creating their music. Unlike the other songs on the album, these songs are very sweet and melodic. Accompanied by mainly acoustics and some drums, Santino sings with a depth that makes me so thankful that he discontinued auto-tuning his already dulcet voice. These tracks provided me good mellow listening breaks in between the other high tempo songs.

I believe On Your Side is a wonderful “break-out” album of sorts. A Rocket To The Moon is breaking away from being considered an amateur band to being held in the spotlight. If the group keeps cranking out great music like they are in the present, they certainly have a great future.

Written By:
Becca White