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Such Gold - Pedestals

A Review of Such Gold’s EP, ‘Pedestals’

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Artist: Such Gold
Release: Pedestals EP
Label: 6131 Records

For anyone who is a pop punk fan, they remember the early 2000s when bands like Kid Dynamite and the Movielife were bursting on the scene with their combination of pop punk hooks and hardcore mentalities. It was taking the best parts of punk and hardcore and meshing them as one cohesive sound. Recently this style has gained quite a bit of momentum with several underground bands making names for themselves; Four Year Strong and Transit to name a few. Perhaps one of the new up and coming bands in the genre is Such Gold. Releasing their Stand Tall EP last year, punk enthusiasts quickly caught onto the sound that defined so much their earlier years. This past fall, Such Gold released their new EP, Pedestals with little fanfare and solid punk rock.

The album starts with a quick minute and change opener, “Cut Rides” that has a Kid Dynamite feel to it. “Sycamore” follows and feels like a song off a Movielife record. Very catchy, but also powerful, upbeat and raw. The first two songs are the catchiest on the EP for different reasons. Cut Rides has insanely catchy guitar parts that instantly play back in your head. Whereas Sycamore is more vocally catchy and has a more melodic feel to it.

“The Brass Tax” has a skate punk feel to it with mid-tempo verses, pick slides that segue way into a faster chorus. Gang vocals are very prevalent on this track. “So Close” is a hardcore song trapped in a punk body with dirty guitars and pounding drum beats. Most interesting part of the EP occurs on this song when Kenny Vassoli (The Starting Line, Peson L) does guests vocals near the end with some simultaneous gang vocals.

“Gut Rot” is another fairly straight forward punk song that features a catchy chorus. It feels like a song that would have fit well on their Stand Tall release, but also works well here too. The title track, “Pedestals” closes the EP out with a hardcore feel to it. Featuring a 2 step breakdown towards the end, it is probably the only let up on the release aside from the one second between tracks.

For those looking for a band re-inventing the wheel of any genre will not find solace in this particular EP. However, for those looking for punk music done with blood, sweat, and tears while providing homage to past greats, there is a lot to love here. Such Gold take what is catchy about punk music with the circle pit feel of hardcore and gel the two together to give it a very accessible feel and sound. It’s a sound that takes you back a few years and for good reason. Their relentless hard work and D.I.Y. ethics have landed them a touring spot with Hit The Lights this winter. Their first LP will be highly anticipated amongst the punk community. Look for a bright future for these guys.

Written by:
Michael Schmidt