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Red City Radio - The Dangers of Standing Still

A Review of Red City Radio’s The Dangers of Standing Still

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Artist: Red City Radio
Album: The Dangers of Standing Still
Label: Paper + Plastick
Release Date: February 22, 2011

Red City Radio is an up and coming punk band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They gained a fairly good-sized following with their last EP, To the Sons & Daughters of Woody Guthrie in 2009. The EP eventually made its way to Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake, Paper + Plastick Records) who liked them enough to sign them to his label. The first record the band has released on P+P, The Dangers of Standing Still is feel good and energetic record that clocks in just over 35 minutes.

The album starts with a short intro track, An Introduction of Shorts and leads into three of the better tracks on the album. In the third track, Two for Flinching the lines “Together we can burn this fucking city to ground.” will surely be a crowd favorite at a live show. Spinning in Circles is a Gateway Drug is not only a strong song because of its catchy chorus, but it has really positive lyrics that make the listener feel warm inside. In a genre that often focuses wanting to leave their roots, RCR make it a point to say they are glad where they come from and love their home city.

What is very apparent from the first couple tracks is that this record very upbeat and full of harmonies. At times there are three part harmonies going on with each voice being distinctly different. It should be clear that this a really strong album front to back, but the beginning and ending tracks are the best ones. While the middle of the album is good, this album just starts and ends really well. Tracks nine through twelve are all really well done. However, this record does what good records are supposed to do and make you want to play it again while getting several songs stuck in your head. Lyrically, this a very strong record mixing both usage of metaphors and straight to the point messages that punk music is known for.

The best way to describe Red City Radio would be to take the energy and harmonies of Latterman, the raw vocal sounds of Hot Water Music, an element of the Lawrence Arms and Broadway Calls. The best part of the music is the feel-good vibe they have. And that is very reminiscent of the Bouncing Souls. This is not to say RCR is going to be the next (name your well-known band here), but they wear their influences on their sleeves while blazing their own trail. It is not very popular to sing about how great Oklahoma City is. If you want DIY punk rock that is honest and real, it is highly recommended that you look into this record.

Written by:
Michael Schmidt