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Fireworks - Bonfires

A Review of Fireworks “Bonfires” EP

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Artist: Fireworks
Release: Bonfires EP
Label: Triple Crown Records
Release: December 23, 2010

Fireworks is a Detroit punk band that broke onto the scene in 2009 when they released their debut full length, All I Have to Offer is My Own Confusion on Triple Crown Records. Produced by New Found Glory’s own Chad Gilbert, the album was upbeat and raw, but still sounded very well produced. The album generally did well with old fans of their EPs along with gaining new fans. In the middle of 2010, Fireworks finally got their first headlining tour in United States. However, given the current state of music and the fact that fans in general do not stay patient long, the band decided to release a teaser EP to hold fans over till next year for the next full length.

The EP features 4 songs, 3 new and one song that was a bonus track on their last full length. The band also threw in their music video for a song called, Detroit, also on their last record. The first track, “I Grew Up in a Legion Hall” is a song that will remind listeners of their earlier releases. One of the most interesting songs by the group is, “Five Years.” The song is very short and soft. The song plays like a folk/country song with lyrics perhaps looking back on the past. Very cool of the band to try something like this now as it may have left listeners disappointed on a full length.

“Like Ships in the Night” is a complete 180 from its predecessor as it is one of the more upbeat songs from the band. This song hopefully will end up in their live set sometime. This is a stage dive-type of song that also has some very good lyrics. Probably one of the better songs the bands has ever written due to its catchiness and lyrics. Finally, “Seasick” has that All I Have to Offer feel to it as it was recorded and technically part of that album. This song is a good closer and fits very well as the last track on this EP.

All in and all Bonfires is what more bands, especially up and coming should do more of. Release EPs more often in between albums. Fans are way too fickle and it is easy to fall into obscurity. Fireworks, if anything is holding the carrot out in front of their fans giving them a taste of what is in store next year while not putting all of the chips on the table. EPs like this are not meant to change the world, but it is a very effective strategy for a bigger goal. For a few bucks, you might find a new band that is honest and put on a great live show. For fans already of the band, you will get some new songs and a quick fix to hold you over until the new album.

Written by:
Michael Schmidt