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Voodoo stage

A Preview of Voodoo Fest


Halloween weekend is always a time that everyone looks forward to. However, age may be a factor in how you approach the weekend. For the little ones, its all about collecting as much candy as possible and dressing as your favorite idol or whatever your mother chooses for you. When you get a little bit older it becomes about mayhem: throwing eggs, shaving cream fights, staying up late, and becoming too cool to dress up. A few years go by and it becomes one the highly anticipated reasons to party where girls simply take any normal costume and make it sexy. Nearly every club, music venue, and city in America pulls out all the stops to facilitate the weekend’s shenanigans – but none so like New Orleans; they have a music festival too.

The Voodoo Music Festival has graduated as a perennial heavy hitting festival into something more, an experience. Not only does the recurring festival feature some of today’s biggest and best talent in the sprawling and beautiful City Park, but Voodoo offers much more including a worthwhile VIP experience, art exhibits, and local shops. This year has an especially over the top art installation group. The creations and pieces look almost as if they could be worth the ticket price itself including an enticing “living murel” that will transform and grow throughout the festival weekend.

Taking place over three days, Voodoo fest always has a different personality while maintaining the core essence that makes this festival special. In the past Voodoo has hosted headlining acts such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beastie Boys, Eminem, and Nine Inch Nails. They are successfully able to showcase diverse and quality acts year in and year out. This year features past time favorite Soundgarden, Blink 182 and Jack White’s The Raconteurs.

Voodoo not only features a balanced line up including hip hop, pop, and rock, but they also feature two entire stages designated exclusively for electronically based music and DJ performances. With such acts as Girl Talk, Wolf and Lamb, and Mannie Fresh, there is surely enough tunes to go around for anyone to be satisfied.

Along with the festival experience, Voodoo will also feature some of the tastiest foods from around the city. Unlike many similar festivals of this magnitude, New Orleanians will simply not tolerate mediocre festival fried food fare but rather demand tasty spicy flavorful dishes from a wised spectrum of influences. Let’s hope they have the creole-duck empanadas again, wow those were tasty last year. And yes, there is sure to be those fruity New Orleans cocktails floating around to wash it all down too.

One of the greatest aspects of  the Voodoo music experience is that when this festival ends around 11 oclock, the real party is just getting started. New Orleans over Halloween weekend is one of the most exciting places to be. People normally are in costume roaming around the city so to give its people a genuine reason to dress outlandish and celebrate is a recipe for good times. Furthermore, Voodoo fests electronic stage Deja Voodoo continues with supplementary late night parties at venues throughout the city.

With six stages across the park and music starting as early as 10 am it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Here are a few acts to look out for:

Little Girl Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes by marthaj


Quickie Mart & Tony Skratchere: The NOLA duo have been playing hip hop and bounce beats for years and have collaborated with emerging artists from around the country.  Always a hometown favorite, expect bounce, sissy bounce, yacht bounce, and whatever tunes they choose to get the Voodoo weekend off to a romping start.

King Britt: The first time King Britt came to New Orleans on a festival scene he was featured in a late night bill for Jazzfest supporting Holy Fuck, ?uestLove, and M.I.A. This time, the DJ will get the dance tent to deliver a set that will feature classic and new grooves in the house and dance genre

Band of Horses: The indie group out of Seattle has gained much popularity over the past four years being billed as a higher tier act in festival circuits each progressing year. The band uses southern rock influences with meaningful lyrics to deliver a show that can be both poignant and musically rocking.

Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes: No strangers to the big easy, the rock group has been a staple among the city’s local bands for years playing at venues all around the city. If you have not had a chance to hear them yet, bring your dancing shoes and pay special attention to the precision and showmanship of the band.

Mike Relm: Closing out the first day in the dance tent is turntable virtuoso Mike Relm. This dude is more of a hip-hop based DJ, tied together spinning with countless artists in the genre. Expect a performance more of a DJ clinic rather than about the music. For people who say that it takes no skills to be a DJ, here is the rebuttal.

Social Distortion – Machine Gun Blues by SocialDistortion


Fort Knox Five: After the explosion of sound from Daedelus, Fort Knox Five will assimilate beautifully into Voodoo Fest by playing funk influenced electronic fusion that can have everyone grooving, not just the electro-snobs. Their tunes are very accessible and easy to dance to, which should make for a perfect mid day boogie.

New Orleans Bounce Azztravaganze: This day time set will showcase a style of music unique to new Orleans, bounce.  The genre is taken a step further as gay transvestite rappers portray their own voice within the bounce genre by performing sissy bounce (link to article). For those visiting from out of town, you cannot miss this not only as a fun show to be at, but a culturally educating experience. Hands on the floor.

Social Distortion: A past time favorite for the darker side of New Orleans, this nostalgia act will draw an older crowd but still could be appealing to those seeking punk rock at the Voodoo experience.

Kreayshawn: A female rapper is always inviting as the male dominated field has been polluted with meaningless lyrics and violence. Kreayshawn brings a new voice to rap genre and is hopefully leading it to a better more meaningful place. At the ripe age of 22, Kreayshawn shows a lyrical maturity and may be an equally enticing performance.

Girl Talk: Mash-ups. Toilet paper launchers. Confetti. Dancing girls on stage. Theatrics. Showmanship. Huge crowds. Headliner. That about sums it up. Be prepared to sing along.

TV on the Radio – Crying by djhoffner


Christoph Anderson: If you wake up early enough (or have yet to sleep) get over to the dance tent for some fresh elctro sounds. The guy can’t even buy a beer and is already creating some timeless dance grooves including the favorite, Metropol.

DJ Swamp: One of the most influential DJs you never heard of.  The man has revolutionized the act of DJing not only by showcasing his skill and mastery of the craft but even inventing and creating certain tools and hardware that have become mainstream. Did we mention that there might be fire breathing as well during the dark gritty performance?

Wolf and Lamb: It is not often that New Orleans gets an act the likes of Wolf and Lamb. The record label claims ties to a number of skillful and quality DJs who musically are more learned and talented them some of the more mainstream acts. This stage will guarantee groovy tunes that will keep people smiling and hopefully follow over into their late night performance.

TV On the Radio: The band has achieved much fame and success since forming and leaving its imprint on the world with its album Dear Science. Since the passing of its bass player Gerard Smith, the band has continued to produce and play inspiring and memorable performances.

So get your costume(s) and get ready for the most memorable, exciting, and fun filled Halloween weekend made possible as Voodoo fest is surely ready to kill it for another year in 2011. Don’t be scared.