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A Look into Veokami

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There is a very interesting and intriguing brand new music site,¬†veokami.com, especially for all you out there who enjoy watching amateur videos of concerts online (usually on Youtube). Their slogan is “Share The Moments You Love”, and they have found an interesting way to facilitate people in doing so. Veokami essentially aggregates people’s Youtube videos of a certain concert and then syncs them in time, whether the videos are of the entire show, a couple songs, or even just a single song or shorter. By doing this one can watch an entire concert (or at least a good proportion of it, depending on the show and the videos available), and can choose to essentially switch the camera angles through choosing different people’s uploaded videos. On top of that you can see many of the songs played and easily fast forward or rewind to the song or moment you want see. One also has the ability to tag different moments within the concert, akin to how one can tag or comment on different moments of a song within Soundcloud.

Take a look at how there site looks by examining their videos from Deadmau5’s Lollapalooza set (look at how crazy the rain was at the beginning also!).

It is a perfect system? No. You are still relying on different people’s amateur videos, so the quality of the image, sound, or image stability will greatly vary (maybe one day that can get professional sound from shows and then just have people switch between videos, which would be pretty awesome). They also are a very young site and the amount of shows they have isn’t massive. But they have tapped upon a very novel and fascinating way of not only watching concerts, but of including audience members in the final product. And on top of that they plan on branching out into political events, conferences and more.

Just thought we would share this information with you, you might like it!

By Sean Brna

p.s. This article is in no way an advertisement for, or agreement with, Veokami.com. We just are impressed by their site/idea and wanted to share.