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A look into Girl Talk’s surprise new LP “All Day”

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Girl Talk, on this past Monday, surprised the whole world when he came out with his first full length LP since 2008’s “Feed The Animals”, there were many rumors about him working on a new record but for all intents and purposes most people didn’t see this coming. If your not familiar with Greg Gillis yet (the man behind the moniker Girl Talk) either you are out of college or you like classical music – which is about the only thing one hasn’t heard on a Girl Talk record. The one thing that isn’t a surprise about this record is that for one he released it for free, and secondly the servers crashed from all the people trying to download it on Monday.

The thing that seperates Greg from the rest of the remixers, DJ’s, and mash-up artist is the fact that he truly sees no boundaries when he puts a song together, it’s either his love for all genres of music or just plain old cojones. He definitly starts this record “All Day” in the same manner with Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” and Luda’s “Get Out The Way”, the song starts with luda subtly saying “get out the way” and when the main riff comes on Ludacris goes hard with the first verse of his track, then Greg for fun throws in a little Jay Z before he breaks it into “teach me how to Dougie” with Janes Addiction’s “Jane Says” and The Ramones with Missy Elliot. This and then many others are all one the first song alone, so you can imagine where he goes from there.

It seems this record implemented a lot more music from the 80’s and 90’s when you hear songs like “Sting’s In Your Eyes” blended to perfection with main street rap music. Also, this author about crapped himself when “Jump on Stage”, the fourth track on the new record, plays Radioheads’ “Creep” with ODB’s “Baby I like It Raw”. You also hear a little from previous records from him when he put’s on The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” on his track “This is the Remix”. It is also impressive when within the same song he brings in The Toadies with Lil John in the background, and then throws Simon and Garfunkle in with him, that is just masterful.

Greg went as far out of the box as possible on this record, even though he implements a lot of his old favorites like Biggie, who is thrown on the next track with Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love”. A lot people, especially this author, really like what Girl Talk is doing on his records simply for the sheer nastalgia factor. When one hears their old favorite songs amalgamated with something that a thirteen year old kid loves, it makes one feel like their song is a popular track – amongst a different generation – which can make you enjoy it even more all over again.

The record is a true masterpiece for our time, it shows how a new generation is emerging, where all genres of music can coincide with each other. Hopefully we will see a lot more genres of music being mixed together, so as to create new music. Greg just announced his largest tour and if you know anything about a Girl Talk show you know it will be something to remember. In conclusion though; the best mash-ups of “All Day” are Radiohead’s “Creep” with ODB, and Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” mashed with Rihanna.

Written by Spencer Byrnes

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