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5 Irish Bands You Should Know About

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To a curious outsider peeping over the proverbial garden fence, the mossy-coloured koala-shaped island known to most as Ireland seems on the brink of collapse: Money – we’ve got none. Debt – we’ve got loads. Burgers – well we have loads of those too but apparently the beef is more of the “neigh” variety than the “moo” kind. Priests – ehhhhh…probably best not to wander into that confession-box. On the upside, the country is teeming with talent and Ireland’s independent music community is ploughing a purple patch more fertile than has been seen in quite some time. Thanks to the lovely folks at ourvinyl.com, I have been granted free license to share some of the best unsigned (or at least independently signed) artists that Ireland currently has to offer which is what I aim to do over a number of posts.

Having thoroughly racked my scraggly little brain, here are my first five selections. If you enjoy their sounds half as much as I do, then you are in for some seriously happy listening.

1. Dott
Closest genre: Garage-pop/indie-pop
Based: Galway (Ireland)
Website: http://dottmusic.bandcamp.com

2. Seti The First
Closest genre: Orchestral/Instrumental
Based: Cork (Ireland)
Website: http://setithefirst.bandcamp.com

3. The Altered Hours
Closest genre: Guerilla Garage-Pop
Based: Cork (Ireland)
Website: http://thealteredhours.bandcamp.com/

4. Katie Kim
Closest genre: Slowcore/Folk
Based: Waterford (Ireland)
Website: http://katiekim.bandcamp.com

5. Jape
Closest genre: Electro-pop
Based: Dublin (Ireland)/Malmo (Sweden)
Website: http://www.japemusic.com


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