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Album Art, Red Letter Days

Closer to You

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Album Art, Red Letter DaysSong of the Day “Closer to You” – the Wallflowers

Today’s Song of the Day comes from the Wallflowers.  “Closer to You” is off their fourth studio album Red Letter Days in November of 2002.  Surprisingly it received little   recognition and didn’t even chart.

The Wallflowers were formed in 1989 and originally known as The Apples.  Bob Dylan’s son, Jakob, has been the only constant of the band as the front man.  He comes by this role honestly.  The Wallflowers first album was released in 1992.  By the time Red Letter Days came out, the bands sound had turned a little harder.  Dylan was even featured on lead guitar in the majority of the songs.

This song, “Closer to You” is about love.  Plain and simple.  No one is perfect and no relationship is perfect.  “But don’t give up on me…”

Jakob Dylan’s sentimentality coupled with the piano-driven melodies leave the listener in quiet reflection.  The idea where you should “just remember when you are asleep, I get a little bit closer to you” speaks volumes.  The intimacy of that line, that single act, is a basic image of love.

Breathe.  The holidays are almost behind us.  Take three minutes and listen to this song.