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Ballad of Love and Hate

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Love songs dominate the music landscape.  Whether it is a song about a lost loved one, one proclaiming love someone, or even sharing the love that was once felt for someone.  That being said, it is rare to find a song of this nature that truly captivates its audience.  When the Avett Brothers released their newest live album, which Natalie Kontur was so kind to share a review about, they had one of these rare songs in the fold.

“The Ballad of Love and Hate” from their Live, Volume 3 album is truly a remarkable tale.  The lyrics alone catch listeners due to the lack of over the top instrumentals.  The calm nature of Seth Avett soothes the audience in and makes sure they are paying close attention to the story he is weaving.  Within these lyrics there is a ballad of sadness, drunkenness, hatred, uncertainty, and finally redemption tag teamed with intense happiness.

To go along with great writing, the vocals on this song are simply beautiful.  This is a song that gets its due diligence when played live and Seth is able to improvise on vocals.  Below are two versions of the song, both live.  The second version is the exact concert where they recorded their live album.  While the girl next to the guy with the camera is undoubtedly the most annoying type of concert person on the planet, fast forward to about 5:12, then buy the album version from Live, Volume 3 to get the true essence of Seth’s vocal range and improvisational skills.  This is what a love song should be, and the Avett Brothers knew it and captured the sentiment well.

Written By:

Mitch Inkrott