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3OH!3′s “Streets of Gold” Tour – 10/27/2010


It’s a commonly known fact that the Boulder, Colorado band 3OH!3 are not rookies at performing in front of a large audience. If anything they are experienced veterans in catering to the expectations of hundreds of fans, all clawing and pushing to get the best view of their electro-pop idols. When they made their round to the LC in Columbus, fans got to the venue as early as 11:00 in the morning to wait for entry to a show whose doors opened at 6:00 at night. The line seemingly went on for miles and I decided it was in my best interest to wait by the doors for it to filter in rather than making a trek all the way to the back of it.

Even though I had waited, the large entrance room was still a madhouse as people buzzed back and forth. Some were crowded around the merch tables while others made their way directly to the bar to loosen themselves up for the night’s expected activities. They knew at a show like this, dancing and constant movement would be a given, if not a mandatory part of attendance. I weaved through the crowd and made my way to the upper level of the venue. I was lucky enough to find myself a seat where I had the perfect view of the stage and the crowd alike.

Everyone in the crowd remained anxious while they waited for the first act to take the stage. It was not long before the lights went down and they erupted into a roar of excitement loud enough to make the walls tremble. Strobes began to flash in a sporadic manner from the stage as the silhouette of a female figure was visible. Neon Hitch had finally taken the stage to kick the show off in full force. As she began to sing I realized that I had trouble making out what she was actually saying. I don’t know whether her instruments were too loud or her microphone was too soft, but it was a bit disappointing considering her vocals were impressive. Her set was full of high energy and she ended it by crowd surfing her way to the back of the audience while using a megaphone as a microphone.

The next on the line up was Hellogoobye as they kicked off their set with their chart-climbing single “Here In Your Arms”. The crowd resembled a large wave as each person bounced in an action to mimic lead singer Forrest Kline’s movements. He covered every inch of the stage with his guitar and kept the energy in the crowd up. The group also played a few new songs of their most recent album Would It Kill You?, including “When We First Met” and “Getting Old”. The crowd seemed into the new acoustic feel of the music and barely noticed the lack of computerized beats as they thrived off the energy Hellogoodbye was emitting from the stage.

After they had finished there was a long wait for the next act. Many people were getting irritated but seemed to calm down once they saw that their wait was well justified. Toronto 7-piece Down With Webster took the stage with a whirlwind of hip-hop/rock fusion and owned the crowd within the first two minutes of their set time. Instead of being traditional by throwing guitar picks to the crowd, the boys threw red Solo cups to the out-stretched hands vying for them. One thing that set the group apart from the rest was the amount of interaction with each other they had. While one was rapping, one of the others would head to the drums and take over the cymbals while the drummer continued to play on the rest of the set. The energy level started off high but eventually made its way through the roof as the crowd was enthralled in every word as they danced.

Finally, the time came for 3OH!3 to take the stage. Right as the lights dimmed the crowd began to cheer in a fashion that is usually saved for the winning touchdown of an OSU/Michigan game. From the sides of the stage, the laser beam eyes of mechanical wolves lit up and scanned their way across the crowd. Then Nat Motte and Sean Foreman run onto the stage earning the automatic response of every pair of hands creating the 3OH!3 hand sign. The duo jumped straight into a song off their new album Streets of Gold called “I Can Do Anything”.  As they spouted off the words, the fans spit them right back at them with their adrenaline high and their energy renewed. Nat and Sean used every inch of the stage available to them including the boxes on the sides that housed their mechanical canines. They next song they performed was “Touchin’ On My” and while Nat took to the keyboard, Sean catered to the audience in front of him. Not taking more than 20 seconds away from them at a time, Sean continuously had them throwing up their hand signs  and singing along to his words. 3OH!3 were also able to entertain while not even performing. Between each song, their banter with the audience and each other kept things lively and interesting as they were able to portray more of their personalities through jokes and conversation. Sean began to sing the classic “Jessie’s Girl” and did a few lines of scatting, asking the crowd to repeat them back to him. They seemed to value any interaction they could generate, Sean even taking the time to climb down from the stage and onto the barricade. The group played a few songs from their old album Want, and even ended the set with their first hit single “Don’t Trust Me”.

All in all, the Streets Of Gold tour was full of high energy, constant movement and pure fun as the audience was swept up into the music surrounding them. Each act offered a different type of performance but when put together, provided the perfect balance between genres and music. The audience left sweaty, tired and overall pleased. Be sure to catch this tour when it comes to a city around you! Click for dates.