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Song Of The Day

Song: Americanarama
Band: Hollerado
Album: Record In A Bag (2010)

I know the Song of Day articles are supposed to be more about the music and not so much the video, but today I’m bending that rule a little.  I recently saw Hollerado at Indiana’s oldest bar, The Slippery Noodle, and loved their vibe.  They were great live and seemed very down to earth.  Anyway, I planned to write an article about one of their songs sometime in the future, but could just figure out how to approach it.

Well, this week, Hollerado forced my hand by releasing a fantastic video for one of my favorite songs, Americanarama.  Shot in one take and irreverent to the point that OK GO might want to take a couple notes, Hollerado has gone viral in a major way.  Both tech and music sites have taken notice and the video has garnered over 250,000 views in less than a week.  And this isn’t a great video with a weak song.  Americanarama will have you bouncing around before you get to the opening chorus.

Hollerado is opening for Free Energy this fall and coming to a city near you!  Bring some friends, a couple of signs and become part of an “8-bit” crowd.  And if you like the song and want to see more, watch the original video for Americanarama, where they skewer American Apparel‘s knack for attracting attention.   Drop a comment letting us know which version you like more!