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It is tough enough in this world to make it as a musician, let alone a singer songwriter; but Ray Lamontagne’s story defies all odds. Ray was born in a small New Hampshire town in 1973. Ray’s father was a violent musician who abandoned the family early in his life. Due to Ray’s resentment for his father, he was discouraged from his own musical abilities.

Ray graduated High School and immediately began working in a shoe factory for 65-70 hours a week. One morning in 1999, Ray awoke at 4am Stephen Stills’ “Tree Top Flyer” on the radio. It was at this moment that Ray decided that he didn’t want to live his life as a drone. That day, he quit his job to become a musician. He notes how amazed he is that people are content to “live their lives as robots” doing the same daily routine. He has said in an interview that if there is something you would rather do, you should do it.

In 2004, Ray released his debut album “Trouble”. He immediately caught the ear of producers and music lovers alike. With a voice that resembles a husky and breathy Van Morison, people are absolutely blown away by how strong Lamontagne’s voice is in concert. Please enjoy this live version of Ray Lamontange’s “Trouble”.