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Song Of The Day

Today’s song of the day comes from British electro-rock duo The Big Pink. The song is simply called, Velvet, but it’s only partly smooth. This band knows how to amalgamate catchy-but-not-corny lyrics, slammin mid tempo beats, and adroit electric guitar into a wonderfully emphatic music. You might have already heard their marvelous single Dominoes and not even known who you were listening to. Velvet, like many songs of theirs, ebbs and flows with edgy sonic intensity and introspective vocal stylings. Fans of electronic music, or of rock n’ roll, will have trouble denying the talent in their song composition.

If you are unfamiliar with their debut album “A Brief History Of Love” then you may want to check it out, immediately. There is an abundance of solid music at numerous tempos and with different musical agendas. This band doesn’t seem to want to be relegated to any particular genre, or even sonic philosophy, even though they do have a unique “sound” all their own. That’s a description of a talented band that is going places, so check them out now, you can start with the music video to Velvet.

Happy Thursday everyone! [get that weekend started now]