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Ft. Wayne Zoo

Song Of The Day

Song: Ft. Wayne Zoo
Artist: The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Album: The Wages (2010)

When a friend invited me to see a band called The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band two years ago, I had no idea what to expect.  She saw them open for The Avett Brothers a few months prior and couldn’t stop talking about their punk take on bluegrass music.  While that’s normally not my type of music, I went because she insisted that  “it will change your life forever”.

As soon as the show started, I knew my friend was right because I was blown away!  They had such a great stage presence and really enjoyed what they’re doing.  Not to mention that the hard-to-define punk bluegrass sound was awesome.  I immediately bought all of the their albums online, even the gospel album, which gets more plays around here than I would have thought.

Their newest album, The Wages, was released earlier in the year and has one of the silliest songs I’ve ever heard.  “Ft. Wayne Zoo” is the true story (cue The Real World credits) of the time the Rev’s brother stole a chicken from the Ft. Wayne Zoo.  Yes, a chicken!  Two thoughts immediately crossed my mind after hearing this song for the first time: What kind of sad zoo has chickens as an attraction?  And what would possess a child to steal one?  If you’re at a zoo and in an animal-stealing mood, why not go for gold and steal a monkey?  Well, it would be cool until it started slinging poo around.  Imagine a stolen monkey from the Ft. Wayne Zoo that slings his poo…. Now there’s something to sing about and it already rhymes!

This upbeat, fast tempo song can put a smile on your face before the end of the first verse if you give in to the silliness of it all.  I will warn you that it takes a couple of listens to decipher everything that the Rev is saying.  He doesn’t so much sing as chew words up and spit them out, but definitely in a good way.