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The Felice Brothers’s “Ponzi”

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Artist: The Felice Brothers
Song: “Ponzi”
Album: Celebration
If you already know about The Felice Brothers, then you are familiar with the raw honesty of their craft.  If you don’t know about The Felice Brothers…it’s time to get real.  Perhaps one of our generations greatest, (yet subtle) critics, The Felice Brothers have been quietly unearthing the ground of today’s musical genus. Mashing and grinding together genres like folk, rock, jazz, and blues, they have created a monster that will chill you to the bone with its gritty and surreal nature. Built with deeply poetic rationalizations of reality, the Felice machine is shattering the glass walls that separate old and new. All the while leaving no theme of discussion untouched.
Listen to Tom Waits radio on Pandora or LastFm, and you’ll hear The Felice Brothers.  Turn on Bob Dylan radio, they may pop there too.  Felice Brothers have taken on (perhaps unintentionally) elements of the composition that identify musical greats like those two.  But The Felice Brothers have deconstructed that vehicle of conveyance and delivery, remodeling it into their own fiery crashing car that’s headed straight for the defenses that guard your heart.
Their newest album, Celebration, Florida, is quite literally the bands greatest step away from their established norm.  This song, Ponzi, is a track off of the surprising new album.  Don’t expect to hear the Felice you knew before.  They’re still there, hidden beneath the new sounds they’ve created, but you have to listen.
For those familiar with the guys, you can pick up on the sporadic surfacing of the old Felice from the new waters.  For those unfamiliar, I urge you to do some research (if you so choose) into their past work.  I guarantee you will be instantly overcome. If not overcome, at least a little curious.  It’s always interesting to witness a band step out of their character, to wait for the backlash, or the enthusiasm.  This album is proof that The Felice Brothers are more powerful than we could have foreseen, and that’s exactly why Celebration, Florida should instantly make you a fan. It’s clear where I stand in the matter.  But I promise, if you stick with these guys, you will never be disappointed from a lack of surprise.

Written by Alicyn Lane

The Felice Brothers “Ponzi” by fatpossum

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